71/365 - the wait

the wait

70/365 - light painting

light painting

First try at light painting late at night. Had to improvise as I missed the sunset. This meant that there was very little light left in the sky and none on this rock like artwork. Luckely I had a small flashlight in my camera bag and could make do.

69/365 - city nights, city lights 2

city nights, city lights 2

Went out to shoot more landscape. Although the weather was quite bad there were very little well-defined clouds. So I went for a long exposures post processed with the gloomy blue desaturated look.

68/365 - waiting for take off


I like how the massive structure puts men and bird in to perspective. Although not a perfect shot (the iPhone didn't handle the harsh light all that well) the frame still captured my attention.

67/365 - steps


66/365 - chill


65/365 - push


64/365 - tight


63/365 - distance of time and place

distance of time and place

62/365 - perspective on travel

perspective on travel

61/365 - the sailor

the sailor

60/365 - the last drop

the last drop

59/365 - de rotterdam

de rotterdam

58/365 - glass


57/365 - on line

on line

56/365 - steps


Back to street photography for the 365 project. Tying to focus on small things that catch my interest.

55/365 - city nights, city lights

city nights city lights

Still experimenting with a cinematic look. Personally I like how it brings mood to a shot and works well for a long(er) exposure city shot. Although the subject and light helped a lot, Rotterdam is such a great place to take pictures!

54/365 - bridge


53/365 - symmetry


52/365 - glow


51/365 - senco


50/365 - the master

the master

49/365 - sun setting

sun setting

48/365 - i see you

i see you